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Where are the Appalachian Mountains?

Find out where the Appalachian Mountains are!

The Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains is one of the largest mountain ranges in the United States. But the question is: Where are the Appalachian Mountains?

Where Exactly are the Appalachian Mountains Located?

The Appalachian Mountains are located in the Eastern United States, as seen from this global view:

where are the Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains span from Alabama and Georgia in the south up through Maine and New Brunswick, Canada in the north:

where are the Appalachian Mountains location

The highest peak of the Appalachian Mountains is Mt. Mitchell at 6,684 ft. This peak is roughly 100 miles Northwest of Charlotte, in North Carolina:

Appalachian Mountains location

The Appalachian Mountains are about 480 million years old. These mountains aren't nearly as high as the younger Rocky Mountains. The average peak in the Appalachian mountains is just over 3,000 ft.

Another fun fact: The name Appalachian is the 4th oldest European-place name in the United States. The name comes from a Native American tribe name that was transcribed as Apalchen. Over time this was converted to the modern spelling and assigned to the mountains.

There's not much else too interesting about the Appalachian mountains. They have some cool animals like a flying squirrel, fox squirrel and red squirrels. That is particularly interesting if you are like my dog, Colbert. For humans it is less interesting. They have Wild Turkeys there too, apparently.

Anywho, that should be more than enough to answer the age-old question "Where are the Appalachian Mountains?".

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