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Where are the Azores?

Find out where the Azores are!

The Azores

The Azores are an archipelago (which is a chain of islands). But the question is: Where are the Azores?

Where Exactly are the Azores Located?

The Azores are a set of 9 islands in the North Atlantic, directly between Lisbon, Portugal and Norfolk, Virginia:

where are the Azores

The Azores are located about 1500 km (or 930 miles) west of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean:

where are the Azores located

The 9 islands of the Azores are shown in the next picture. The islands extend in a somewhat Northwest line:

Azores location

The Azores are a part of Portugal. They have a population of 245,000 people. The average elevation of the Azores is 22 meters, which makes them less nervous about global warming and the sea rising than the Maldives.

These islands were possibly discovered as early as 1340, well before Columbus cross the Atlantic looking for India. They have been sporadically settled over the last 200 years, so they don't really have an indiginous population.

The Islands that make up the Azores archipelago are listed below in order of size:

  • Sao Miguel
  • Pico
  • Terceira
  • Sao Jorge
  • Faial
  • Flores
  • Santa Maria
  • Graciosa
  • Corvo

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