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Where are the Cayman Islands?

Find out where the Cayman Islands are!

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a set of three Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is a principle offshore finance haven, which is what it is most known for. Maybe if you are rich you have parked some money there to avoid taxes. But exactly where are the Cayman Islands?

Where are the Cayman Islands located?

The Cayman Islands are over 100 miles southwest of Cuba in the Caribbean. On a world man, the Cayman Islands can be found as in the following:

where are the cayman islands

We can zoom in on the above and see that the Cayman Islands are located directly between Cuba and Honduras. The Cayman Islands are also Northwest of Jamaica, mon:

where are the cayman islands located

If we zoom in further to just the Cayman Islands themselves, we see the 3 individual islands. There is one major island and two minor islands, about 50 miles apart:

the cayman islands location

The 3 Islands are:

  • Grand Cayman (main Island)
  • Cayman Brac
  • Little Cayman

    The Cayman Islands aren't huge, having a total area of just 264 square kilometers and has a population of about 55,000 people. The Cayman Isalnds do not tax income, capital gains, or corporations (hence, a good spot to hide your money).

    Fun Fact: Christopher Columbus first spotted the Caymans in 1503, but were mostly uninhabited by humans until the 1600s.

    Anyway, hopefully I answered the question on where the Cayman Islands are.

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