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Where are the Kidneys?

Find out where the Kidneys are Located!

The Kidneys

You may have always wondered where exactly your kidneys are located. That's right - unless you've had a kidney removal surgery you have two kidneys on either side of your body. This page is dedicated to answering the question: where are the Kidneys?

Where are the Kidneys?

The human kidneys are located on either side of the bodies midsection, as shown below:

where are the Kidneys

The kidneys are just below the ribcage, and closer to the back than the front of a human. The roll of the kidneys is to filter blood before it returns to the heart. The waste is then expelled to the bladder:

where are the Kidneys

Note that the right kidney is located slightly lower than the left kidney in the human body:

the right kidney is lower than the left kidney

The kidneys are bean shaped and about the size of your fist. You need kidneys to live. Their primary purposes include:

  • Creating Urine
  • Filtering waste, along with excess fluid from your bloodstream
  • Regulate Blood Pressure

    The filtered waste (along with extra water) is passed from the kidneys through your ureters and into the bladder, which becomes your urine.

    In addition, proper functioning kidneys is necessary for bone health and in the creation of red blood cells.

    In conclusion, I hope I answered the question on Where are the Kidneys? Good luck to you. If you are experiencing pain in the area of the kidneys, I suggest you see your doctor.

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