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Where are the Painted Ladies?

Find out where the Painted Ladies are!

The Painted Ladies

The term Painted Ladies does not refer to a bunch of female painters, but rather a distinctive set of houses in the Victorian (or Edwardian era) style that are painted in 3 or more colors. These colors are often bright and enhance their unique architectural style. But exactly where are the Painted Ladies?

Where are the Painted Ladies located?

The Painted Ladies are located in San Francisco, CA, USA, just east of Alamo Square Park:

where are the Painted Ladies

The famous San Francisco Painted Ladies are located at the intersection of Steiner Street and Grove St. An image of these houses is below:

where are the Painted Ladies located

The relationship between the San Francisco Civic Center, Market Street and the location of the Painted Ladies is shown below:

the Painted Ladies location

If you would like to buy one of the famous Painted Ladies houses, you will be looking at an asking price of about $4 Million US Dollars (as of 2010). They are not cheap, owing to their central San Francisco location.

Fortunately, some of the less famous Victorian Houses you could probably get for a lot less. Approximately 48,000 of these houses were built in San Francsico in the late 19th century, although many have been destroyed due to earth quakes, fires, or just renovation.

You can also find Painted Ladies Victorian Houses in the Lower Haight (Haight Street) and in the (even more expensive) Pacific Heights district of San Francisco.

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