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Where are the Rocky Mountains?

Find out where the Rocky Mountains are!

The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are the highest mountain range in the continental United States. But the question is: Where are the Rocky Mountains?

Where Exactly are the Rocky Mountains Located?

The Rocky Mountains travel through British Columbia [Canada], Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado:

where are the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are highlighted in pink to show the extent of these mountains in North America:

where are the Rocky Mountains located

The highest peak of the Rocky Mountains is Mount Elbert at 14,440 ft [4,401 meters]. Mt. Elbert is located near Highway 82 and the Twin Lakes, approximately 25 miles or so West of the famous Pikes Peak. The location is shown below in relation to Colorado Springs and Denver:

rocky mountains location

These mountains are significantly rockier (more jagged) than the older Appalachain mountains, which gives rise to their name.

If you haven't seen the Rocky Mountains yourself, you are well past due for a ski trip to Colorado. These are quite a site. I hope I have helped answer the age-old question, "Where are the Rocky Mountains?"

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