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Where are the US Virgin Islands?

Find out where the US Virgin Islands are!

The US Virgin Islands

If someone mentions the virgin islands, you may think that belong to the United States, but not know much else. On this page, we will answer the question where are the US Virgin Islands? - along with a few other questions.

Where are the US Virgin Islands located?

The US Virgin Islands are located along the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean:

where are the US Virgin Islands

If we zoom in to get a more exact location of these islands, we see they are about 20 miles east of Puerto Rico:

where are the US Virgin Islands located

If we zoom in further, we see that there are 4 main islands in the U.S. virgin islands:

the US Virgin Islands location

The 4 main islands of the US Virgin Islands are:

  • Saint Croix Island
  • Saint John Island
  • Saint Thomas Island
  • Water Island

    The Virgin Islands are a territory of the United States, but not really a state. However, people from the US Virgin Islands are in fact United States citizens, but don't have to pay United States federal tax.

    One interesting note that most people in the United States do not know: There are a set of islands east of the US Virgin Islands known as the British Virgin Islands.

    The population of the US Virgin Islands was over 106,000 in 2010. The primary industry is tourism. These islands were formerly part of the Danish West Indies, and were sold to the United States in 1916.

    In conclusion, I hope I answered the question on Where are the US Virgin Islands? See you later.

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