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Where are the Vikings from?

Find out where the Vikings are from!

The Vikings from

You might have heard of the Viking as a mascot, but there is no country of Vikingsland, and no Vikings Kingdom. But it turns out the Vikings were a real group of people. So exactly where are the Vikings from?

Where are the Vikings from?

The Vikings were somewhat similar to pirates - they tended to do a fair amount of raiding other people's property. They tended to stay on boats and were referred to as seafairing people. However, the word viking actually refers to an exhibition, or quest of some sort. So not all vikings were of the pirate types, many were engaged in exploration and trade. The Vikings were from modern day Denmark, Norway and Sweden:

where are the Vikings from

If we focus in on Europe we can see that Vikings were from central-northern Europe, all countries with access to the North Sea:

where are the Vikings from - the denmark norway sweden

The Vikings had a golden age, so to speak. They travelled as far East as Russia and as far west as Greenland and Newfoundland, as shown in the picture below:

the vikings are from the area around the north sea, sweden denmark and norway

In the last image, the regions are marked as:

  • (A) Volga River in Russia Near St. Petersburg
  • (B) Newfoundland, Canada
  • (C) Iceland
  • (D) Greenland

    The Viking age lasted from 800-1050 AD, or about 950-1200 years ago. The Vikings are also known as the Norseman (Northmen), and in the old Norse tongue, it was written vikingr.

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